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A Quick Tip - #4

Back with another quick planning tip to make planning for your day and your goals easy and effortless!



If you're like me and you print out your planner pages rather than buying them already ready to go, listen up! The one thing that slows me down and stops my planning efforts? Not having my planner inserts printed, cut, hole-punched and ready to be used.

Every month it seems like such a task to print out the files and spend the time cutting them even if it only takes a few minutes. I found that I kept putting this off and before I knew it I was 5 days into the month already trying to plan out my goals. What a waste!

This year I made a point to print all of my yearly pages, monthly overviews and spreads, seasonal pages, and a few weekly spreads far in advance so that I would be able to quickly set up my planner each month and get on with it. No more excuses.

Although I love the actual act of planning and everything that goes into it (the decor, aesthetics, and fun playing with paper and stickers) it's important that your planner be efficient and effortless so you can focus more on achieving your goals rather than the actual setup.

Have you ever heard the phrase paralysis by analysis? It's an interesting theory that describes the feeling of being unable to make a decision due to overthinking a problem. This happens when you continually search for solutions, instead of taking action and making a decision. I find it the same in the planner world. With so many options out there for inserts and decor, it can be tempting to try them all, flip flop between styles, etc. but eventually you stop focusing on the point behind your planner: achieving your goals both big and small.

So cut out all the noise. Print your inserts in advance, or order them in bulk if that's more your thing, and have everything ready to go with each new month and get to work with your planner in hand.

Don't let your planner be the reason you aren't achieving everything you've ever wanted.


What's one way you could be more efficient with your planning process?






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