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 I want to share with you my tips, tricks, and design secrets so you can enjoy setting up your planner as much as you do using it.






Every design from EO Edits created in a way that will ensure that they look great using either home or professional printers. The quality of your planner pages will depend on the printer, ink levels, and paper quality. It’s always a good idea to print a few test pages to make sure you’re happy before printing everything. The more you print, the more you'll get to know what works best for you and your planner.


 First of all, make sure you are downloading and using the correct file based on the paper you are going to use for printing and the size of your planner. 


Once you have opened the planner PDF and selected print, your printer settings window should pop up.  Most of us already have Letter size paper lying around, but make sure your document is set to print in the centre of the page, and select "Actual Size" or scale the page at 100% before printing. This is the easiest way to ensure you're printing the correct size for your planner and will make double-sided printing easier too.


If your printer can automatically print two-sided, you're lucky! If not, print the front page and choose how many copies you would like, then re-insert the pages and print the back page on the reverse. For a package, print the odd numbered pages first, flip and re-insert the paper, then print the even numbered pages.


Each document is designed with crop marks so that you can easily trim your page once it's printed to fit perfectly in your planner. 




If you are just starting out creating your planner, don’t feel like you have to print a whole years worth of pages. You may find as you begin using your planner that you might like to try different page designs. Having the freedom to explore and learn what works best for you is one of the best things about creating your own planner.


Happy planning! 



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