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A Quick Tip - #1

When you write a blog it's easy to feel obligated to write these long, drawn out, thorough posts. Actually, quick, easy content can be just as important and helpful. If nothing else, Quarantine has taught me to slow down and take small steps. Small is okay! So, I'm introducing a series that you'll see over here on the blog every once-in-a-while: A Quick Tip. These will be mostly planning and organization related, but will also verge into the wellness and self care side of things. I'm looking forward to discovering and sharing quick tips with all of you!

Here's #1!


Try a Special Location

Planning your days and weeks can quickly become monotonous if you've been doing it for quite a while. Typically your days don't change too much, especially your weekdays. Work, cook, chores, family, rinse, repeat, right? The mundane can quickly make planning a bore so we neglect our planners and suddenly we're not as organized or productive as we used to be. In a few weeks you'll pick up your planner again, feeling guilty you ever stopped in the first place.

Designate a day and time where your only focus is planning. Grab your planner and find a relaxing spot that makes the whole process feel special. Not at your desk, the kitchen table, or on the sofa. Think of a location that feels calming, inspirational, or unique to you. For example, first thing Monday morning, I grab my planner, a cup of coffee, and head out to sit on my patio (as long as it's warm out). I love getting fresh air and some sun first thing. When you take the time to slow down and make it feel special, planning becomes something you look forward to again. Just like that, you're back to being your more organized self, tackling your goals and habits, and on top of your days.


Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!






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