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A List of Lists - Amazing Lists to Keep in Your Planner

I've always absolutely loved making lists. But perhaps more than ever before I've been creating a list for almost every aspect of my life and it's really helped me to feel relaxed, organized, and productive. Each list you create can help guide you to set and achieve your goals, but I also find it eases the stress and calms down all the noise going on in your head once it's put down on paper.

Let's go through it!


These types of lists are super simple. They're really just a list of action items that don't involve multiple steps to complete. They're simply one-step tasks for you to take action and get done. Here are a few examples:

  • Daily to do's

  • Weekly to do's

  • Monthly to do's

  • Yearly to do's

  • Weekend to do's

  • On-going to do list

  • Grocery list


These types of lists are a little more complicated. Project lists can involve all of the projects you want to complete and each project usually involves multiple steps to complete.

  • DIY projects

  • Home projects

  • Craft/Hobby projects

  • Honey do list

  • Meal Prep list

  • Work projects

  • Organizing project


Master lists are typically long and on-going. These tasks may not have a set deadline but they're important to live a very rewarding and fulfilled life. Masters lists are some of my favourite types of lists to include in my planner. They instantly make me feel inspired, happy, and comforted.

  • Book to read

  • Goals lists

  • Movies to see

  • TV shows to watch

  • Restaurants to try

  • Playlists

  • Bucket list

  • Travel list

  • Favorite recipes

  • Date ideas

  • Motivational quotes

  • Gratitude list

  • Self care ideas

  • Happy list

  • Things to do when you're bored

  • Shopping list

  • Brain declutter


Routine lists are really integral to a productive day, but they don't have to stop with just a morning and evening routine. Routine lists are lists that guide you through several steps so that you don't have to think about what to do next. It's set up for you and keeps you focused and as productive as possible.

  • Morning routine

  • Evening routine

  • Daily routine

  • Weekly routine

  • School schedule

  • After-school schedule

  • Skincare routine

  • Makeup routine

  • Workout routine

  • Blog post checklist

  • Cleaning routine

  • Workflow routine


What do you think? Which of these lists will you be creating in your planner next? Do you have a favourite list that isn't mentioned here? Tell me about it in the comments! I'd love to hear from you.





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