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Currently Loving & Doing- November 2022

Listening to:

I just discovered Lithe and am loving everything they've got going on right now. It's such a cool, moody vibe. Smooth, Slow Beat,

Currently reading:

I talk to a few of you about books regularly so some of you already know this, but I just finished Jennifer Armentrout's A Shadow in the Ember and A Light in the Flame. If you're looking for a great fantasy romance to escape into, check it out! I also picked up It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover at the airport during our trip to California. I read It Ends with Us a few years ago and I have to say, the second book was the perfect closure I needed.

Notable Mentions:

  • Thrive

  • 101 Essays to change the way you think

  • The Power of Fun

Currently watching:

  • Tell Me Lies

  • Love is Blind S3

  • Stutz

Obsessed with:

  1. Checkered Patterns - I'm not going to lie, I fought this trend at first. I was starting to see it brought in interior design trends and while It's just that - a trend - I pretty much love it now. I'd say don't splurge on pieces to get this trend. It's not one that will last but it's fun while it's here!

  2. Making Playlists - Does anyone else just sit and create moody playlists so you have something to listen to no matter how you feel?

  3. I've been loving a super simple makeup routine. While traveling, a quick 5-10 min light makeup routine worked perfectly. We were so busy and on the go all the time so I needed something easy. It goes a little like this: 1. concealer 2. foundation 3. bronzer 4. bronzer in the eye crease 5. mascara 6. brows

  4. Organic, rustic, and imperfect bedding. I'm in love with a more natural space . Think textured linen bedding and minimal patterns.

  5. Shearling coats - Cozy, structured, cool aesthetic.

  6. Waking up early - Finally, finally, I've created a habit of waking up early (or at least what I consider early). I try to be up by 7:30 a.m. every day. But I'm not rushing to start work. I use the extra time to read, scroll through IG, gather inspiration, and set up my to-do list for the day.

I want to know, what are you currently doing, loving, reading, and obsessed with? Let me know!






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