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Currently Loving . JANUARY 2020

No one:

Me: Here's what I've been loving lately!

All jokes aside, this is always a favorite blog post to write. I mean what's not to like? I get to sit down at my desk, coffee in hand, and talk about my favourite things. Have I mentioned that I love my job and feel like the luckiest girl in the world?!

Let's get into it.




Graphic Tees

I've always loved a good graphic tee and slowly have been trying to build my collection. They're just the perfect piece to amp up an outfit to make it a touch more interesting, and hey, they also make great pj's. I love a good multi-purpose piece!

Monochromatic Looks

Whether it's an all black, business casual outfit ready to impress, or a matching workout set, I'm loving the monochromatic trend. Fun fact about me? I'm really short. At 4'11" I'm bombarded with articles and blog posts that say petite people shouldn't wear x, y, and z. For the most part I don't listen to this kind of negative talk. I firmly believe that you should wear whatever you want and whatever makes you happy. Lately, however, I've been loving the trend of monochromatic outfits, which coincidently is exactly what is recommended for a petite person to wear. Somehow, no matter how simple the outfits may be, this trend always looks polished and put together.