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Setting Intentions

Something that's really been helping me plan lately and be more productive is to set a daily or even a weekly intention. If you've bought the newest daily insert you'll notice that I included a space to set your day's top priority. Admittedly I thought about removing this aspect of the design but after testing out the insert for several weeks, I found that it was a feature I really enjoyed using to start my day. I love this feature because it sets a direction for your day or week in whatever area of your life that is relevant for you and what you're wanting to focus on. Some days it's really simple and serves as a quick reminder, while other days you can focus on something more substantial that allows you to check off a big goal. It forces you to take a look at your day to day life and decide what truly deserves your attention and what is important to you.

If you haven't already, grab the daily insert on the shop and start intention planning now! Click the links below.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to get you on your way with intention planning:

  1. Exercise X amount of times this week (sometimes I just write Move)

  2. Drink X amount of water today

  3. Get X steps in today

  4. Organize/Declutter/ X

  5. Check off one item on your goal list

  6. Put X amount of money into savings

  7. Meditate today for X amount of time

  8. Get to inbox zero

  9. Eat vegetarian/paleo/whole food

  10. Set aside time to do X

  11. Practice gratitude

  12. Focus on self-care

That's all for now. Happy planning Loves!







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