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Beige Aesthetic FREEBIE Vision Board

Hey Everyone! I teased a little while ago that I was no longer going to release seasonal vision boards especially since I'd gone through all four seasons already and was looking for something new to do. Instead, I wanted to combine my love for design and interiors with planners and dashboards. I'll be focusing on a particular trend, color scheme, material, etc. to create these beautiful and totally aesthetic mood boards. They're perfect to add a stylish and trendy touch to your planner!

The backside of the vision board includes a coordinating quote - "Anything but boring." To me, beige, nudes, and neutral tones are calm, sophisticated, chic, and pleasing to the eye. Not to mention, we're seeing this palette everywhere in interiors at the moment.

Get yours for free below! Click the links to download your own neutral summer vision board.

Personal | Pocket | A6 | A5







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