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2023 Aesthetic FREEBIE Vision Board


Manifesting this...

  1. A daily focus on fitness and wellness

  2. Feeling proud, confident, and strong

  3. Finding and designing the perfect home

  4. Focusing on relationships, romantic and social

  5. Traveling to some amazing places

  6. Being authentic

  7. Career driven mentality

  8. Connecting to myself and the universe

  9. New opportunities

I created several versions of the vision board so you can choose the best format for you from planner pages to a phone background. Keep in mind, the original design was created to be 1080 x 1920 px in size so the planner pages (A5, A6, and pocket) have been modified with a sidebar to fit this design so that no photos from the vision board are cut off. Luckily, it fits personal-size pages perfectly!

*TIPS: For an image like this one, make sure your printer has plenty of ink and choose the best quality setting!

Download all versions of the 2023 vision board below!

Download PDF • 6.18MB

2023.Vision Boards - A5
Download PDF • 687KB

2023.Vision Boards - A6
Download PDF • 687KB

2023.Vision Board - Personal
Download PDF • 682KB

2023.Vision Board - Pocket
Download PDF • 605KB







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