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Free Inserts & Changes

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Hey Loves!

I had a bunch of you reach out to me today saying that the free items I offer on my site weren't processing properly. I'm assuming there have been some recent changes to the website provider that went into affect today or some other reason I'm not aware of. So to keep things simple, I've decided to move all of the free items I currently offer over to the blog for quick downloads.

I'll always update you on Instagram and let you know when I'm launching free items (or any items for that matter) so make sure you're following me over there @eoedits.

Currently, the two free inserts offered on the site are the planner purge insert and the planning routine insert. Of course, I also release free mood boards throughout the year so keep an eye out for those as well here on the blog.

To download the planner purge insert, click the link below:

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