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How To Procrastinate Productively

Let's face it, we can't be "on" all the time. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's that as good as our intentions may be with all this time at home, sometimes we still need to take it easy and procrastinate just a little. We can't be motivated, productive, and badass 100% of the time.

Lately, I've tried to be really cognizant of my work habits and understand ways that I can be productive without putting more stress on myself during this already stressful period. Here's a few tips to procrastinate in a smart way:

1. Multi-task

If you're really wanting to read that book or watch that show try to come up with something that you can get done while you're reading or watching. I really love downloading an audiobook and listening to it while I work, clean, do dishes, or workout.

2. Reward yourself

Give yourself limits and a reward system. I used to do this a lot when I had to study for an exam in University. If you get a certain amount of work done, celebrate it and give yourself a reward! For example, you can watch one video on youtube, tiktok for 10 minutes, or read one chapter of a book. The key is to limit yourself to just those 10 minutes, 1 video or 1 chapter and then get back to work.

3. Know yourself

Try to get real with yourself and understand what times of the day you work best. If you're not a morning person and it's really hard for you to feel motivated first thing, don't push it. Use that time to rest and do what you want as long as you get to work later on when you know you're more alert and a better worker. Personally, I really love taking my mornings slow, having coffee, stepping outside for a bit, taking time to read, and catch up on socials before I jump into work. Gradually around mid-morning I naturally start to feel more productive and more motivated to get tasks done. Once again, I know that I'll have a crash around 2 pm so I always plan to take a break, make a cup of tea, grab a snack, and play with Arlo. Then it's back to work.

4. Find sources of motivation that work for you

I don't know what it is, but I know I'm not the only one that feels more motivated once I listen to music. This is a trick I do especially if I need to force myself to workout. I can go from feeling totally lazy and unmotivated to pulling on my workout clothes and hitting the home gym within 10 minutes. Finding these little tricks that work and are personal for you is key to understanding what motivates you.


I find that thinking about procrastination and productivity in these ways really takes the stress off. I'm not concerned about when I'll get something done because I know myself and trust myself enough to know that it will get done. Sometimes it's important to take a moment for self-care and be gentle with yourself.

What's your favorite way to be productive?






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