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Organization Hacks That I Swear By

Let me get real with you guys for a quick second... I suck at chores and cleaning. Despite my lengthy, thorough, and in-depth planner organization and to do lists, it takes an army of tools for me to have a clean, tidy space. I'm an Interior Designer, so shouldn't I want to have my home looking it's best all the time? Not to mention, I love organization and all the efficient ways to organize a home. Why was I having this big disconnect? What was I not getting?

Admittedly, it was causing me a lot of turmoil. With plenty of inner reflection, I determined a few key points when it comes to myself and chores and maybe, just maybe, this will resonate with you too.


1, If I'm not aware of the chores and tasks that have to be done, they WILL NOT get done.

2. I have a better chance of doing a chore or task if I can somehow trick myself into doing it.


It has taken me years to tackle this side of myself. Seriously, you can ask my Husband. But luckily, I've come up with 5 hacks that make it easier on me, on him, and I'm sure could help you out too no matter how good or bad you are at cleaning and organizing. By doing just these few simple things, my home is kept much more organized and clutter free.

1. Clean your desk at the end of the day

I'm a creative, which means while I'm making things tend to explode around me. Its a messy, beautiful process most of the time. However, I've learned that nothing stumps my creativity more than a messy desk that I just can't think around.

To ease the burden every day, and to ensure I can step into my office and get to work right away, this is an essential step. Take 5 minutes before you head home for the day or power off if you work-from-home. You'll be surprised how little time it takes. That way, not only do you have a desk that's clean and clear, ready for work the next morning, but you're also ensuring you start the day on the right foot.

2. Tidy up the kitchen while you're waiting for your coffee or tea to brew

Every time I go to make a cup of tea in the evening, I realized that I was just standing in the kitchen, scrolling through my phone and wasting time while the water boiled. So, I made a game for myself. How much can I get cleaned up before my cup of tea is ready? It's not long - maybe 5 or so minutes for the water to boil and another 3-5 for the tea to steep, but I was floored to see just how much I could get done in that time. I could load up the dishwasher and clear the counters. Wipe things down. You name it.

More importantly, I kept it fun and took the pressure off myself. The rules was this: all I had to do was tidy while making my cup of tea. Whatever I didn't get done, well, that was for another time. More often than not, however, I quickly got into the groove of tidying up once I had started and before I knew it nothing was on the counter, everything was put away, and my kitchen was spick-and-span, ready for the next day. All it took was a little mind trick.

3. Keep a 1-Touch rule

Pick something up, put it back in it's place. Sounds simple enough? Don't pick something up and put it on the kitchen table so that you can later bring it upstairs, then let it sit on your nightstand for a few weeks before it finally ends up in your bathroom drawer where it belonged this whole time. In the end this is so much more time consuming and stress inducing. Even if this means you have a handful of items - your laptop, book, hair ties, pens, - whatever. The point is, put it back where it belongs.

When things aren't in their place, for me at least, it creates a point of stress and it's an eyesore every time I walk by it. Set a timer and take 10-15 minutes to pick everything up and put it back where it belongs.

4. Before you even think about sitting down after dinner, wash those dishes

I'll admit, If I even head in the direction of the couch after dinner, I'm a goner. You'll find me curled up with a book, watching something on Netflix, drawing, or sipping on a glass of wine and no where in that plan will you find doing the dishes. This one is a little more brutal and ruthless, but before you even think about having a bit of me-time, it's time to do the dishes.

I know the sofa is calling your name. I know you want to put on your pj's and do a little self care. But I'm here to say, be a grown up and just get it done. You'll feel so much better and you'll deserve that self care that much more if you just wash the damn dishes.

5. Plan your outfits on Sunday

I've talked on IG and the blog before about how I always plan out my outfits for the week on Sunday. Not only does this reduce the decisions required of me throughout the week, but it also creates less mess. I was one of those people in the morning that would try on 5 different outfits before deciding on what to wear and do you think I took the time to hang things back up? No! Trust me, you don't want to come home after a long day at work to see clothes scattered around your room.

By doing it in advance, I'm able to make sure my laundry is done, my outfits are looking great and are suitable for the weeks tasks and events, and keep the mess to a minimum.


I hope you found this helpful! What hacks do you incorporate into your everyday to make life easier and tidier? I'd love to hear all of your suggestions.






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