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Easy Ways to Update Your Planner for Spring

It's a new season! The sun is out, days are getting longer, snow is melting, and maybe you're starting to see things bloom all around you. Spring is a time of rebirth, change, and purging. So why should our planners be any different? Spring-if your planner. Here are 4 super easy ways you can update your planner for spring today.


1. Spring clean your planner

Spring is the perfect time to grab that planner purge freebie here on EO Edits and declutter your planner. Get rid of all of the junk that's accumulated and the clutter that's no longer serving you. Be tough! You'll feel amazing and a little lighter once it's done.

Get it here

2. Flower dashboard

Is there anything more spring-y than flowers? I'm so excited for all of the spring blossoms to start popping up and making everything feel alive and beautiful again. Luckily, here at EO Edits, I really love drawing flowers and have created several floral dashboards to choose from. Shop them here and embrace the season!

Get it here

3. Pastel colors - (Markers & Washi Tape)

I absolutely love the mild liner markers and the best part is that they come in all of these gorgeous muted, pastel shades. There are several packs to choose from or you can buy each color individually, but the fluorescent pack (shown below) is especially spring-y. Whatever your color palette is, these highlighters add the perfect soft touch to bring in spring. The same goes for washi tape. Find your stash and get rid of those dark shades that we all used to death in winter and choose colors and patterns that speak to you and will offer a hint of color to liven everything up.

4. Add a spring vision board/bucket list

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't mention the new Spring Vision board that just came out last week! IT'S FREE! Each season I create a vision board and bucket list combo and offer it for free on the blog. Grabs yours here!

Get it here


What other ways do you change your planner for each season? What are you most looking forward to in Spring? Let me know in the comments below! And if you loved this post, be sure to share it with all of your friends :)






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