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5 Neutral Planner Products I'm Buying Now

This community is beyond wonderful. I'm constantly amazed and impressed with all of the beautiful content that these incredibly talented people create every single day. Because of this, it's so easy to spend your whole pay check on these gorgeously designed planner supplies. With so many amazing creations out there, it was hard to narrow it down but these are the top 5 products that I will be adding to my cart.

Let's go through them!


1. Editor of Chic - Cafe con Leche Dots

Ugh these are just the perfect little neutral addition to any planner spread. These creamy nude dots are are the best way to highlight and color code important tasks or dates. I don't need to say any more! Add to cart!

2. Lesstetika - Girls from the back

I've been eyeing these gorgeous minimal illustrations for quite some time now. They add a stylish yet minimal look and I'm just in love. The color scheme is brilliant and will work perfectly with my neutral planning aesthetic!

3. Lesstetika - Notepad

I always love a good notepad and though I have a billion already, for some reason I just need this! I love the color-blocked neutral, minimal look, the lengthy area for a master to do list, and the fact that it's large enough to use as a mouse pad on my desk.

4. Honeyinked - Weight stickers

A few weeks ago I asked on Instagram Stories for some suggestions on Fitness/Exercise stickers. There were some really great suggestions but these stole my heart. Oh my goodness, these are just the cutest way to plan out my exercise schedule each week. I love that they don't detract from the look of a planner spread and seamlessly work with any style.

5. The Planner Spot - Icon Planner stickers - self care

When life gets busy, the first thing that gets cut from my routine is self care. These adorable stickers from The Planner Spot will help remind me to take the time for me. It's so important and so worth it.


As I said, there's so much wonderful content out there and it was hard to narrow it down to just these 5. That being said, as a small IG shop owner, I'm so happy that I can support amazing people and shops like those that I've listed here. I would encourage everyone to shop small, support new accounts and shops and spread the love. There's so much to go around and we all have so much to share!

As always, share some of your favorite shops and planner items in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!






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