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Overwhelmed? Here's How to Reset

Like everyone, you've probably felt stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and a bit lost at times. Especially a few weeks after the new year, you may be starting to lose your way a little bit after you've just set your goals & resolutions. This is when you need to hit that reset button.

Nothing big and dramatic needs to happen here. It takes a few small, simple changes that you can do today to reset, feel refreshed, and get back on track.

When you get back to work or your normal routine after the holidays you realize you've let things pile up because you've been busy with family and friends, or maybe you took some vacation time and things are a bit out of control. There's this looming pressure and an ever growing to do list but instead you scroll through instagram, binge watch Netflix, and basically do anything and everything else. I find the best thing to do is take a step back and reset. At this point, it's really important to listen to what's going on internally. This is your minds way of telling you that you're not ready to deal with those tasks and you need a little bit of prep work. The biggest, and most important thing is to recognize when this happens and to create an awareness around what it is you need at the time.

Go through the various categories in your life and evaluate what needs to change and what you could work on. For me, I typically focus on 6 areas - career, physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, relationships, finances, and hobbies. With a quick tally of each category, I can tell where to put my attention and time.

The next step is to take action today. I'm big on lists and the simple act of creating a list automatically puts me at ease and helps me to feel more aligned. In the Self Care insert package I created a Reset Routine, which is a list of tasks I've curated that have made me feel a bit more centred, grounded, and fresh. Your Reset Routine might look completely different from mine and I encourage you to adjust your routine to work best for you, but the main point is that it should be a set of tasks that make you feel good, will set you up for success, and can be completed (essentially) in one day.


  • Tidy, declutter, & clean

  • Tackle the oldest item on your to do list

  • Charge your devices

  • Diffuse essential oils

  • Play your favourite music

  • Journal, reflect & re-strategize

  • Exercise & plan workouts into your schedule

  • Prioritize your goals and to do list

  • Prep - plan meals, outfits, tomorrows tasks, etc.

  • Stock up on good food & essential items

  • Refine your morning & evening routines

  • Get a good sleep

As soon as I get the feeling of unease or overwhelm, I can simply pull out this list and devote a day, or half a day to reseting without even having to think about what to do, it's all there for me. And let me tell you, it just feels so good once it's done. I end up doing this reset routine several times a year as much as I need to - when the house is a mess and I'm so overwhelmed about cleaning it, when work is a huge source of stress and I need to step back, if I have a lot on my mind and need time to myself to focus. It's amazing and I cannot recommend it enough.

I hope this post gave you a bit of inspiration and guidance on how to reset. I hope it helps you to get unstuck, feel motivated, and continue to push forward. If it did, please share it and let me know in the comments what's the best way your reset.






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