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50 Habits to Track In Your Planner + An Update

One of the best practices for productivity, positive self care, and intentional living for me is tracking my habits. I realized, however, that I've been tracking the exact same habits over and over, month after month. It got me thinking... what other habits could be tracked and could adding new habits have a positive impact?

By introducing new habits, even just 1 new habit a month, brings about new challenges that you have to figure out how to navigate.

Here is a list of some amazing habits you could start implementing today!

  1. Exercise

  2. 10,000 steps a day

  3. Drink 8 glasses of water

  4. Get 8 hours of sleep

  5. No TV/Netflix

  6. No spend days

  7. Plan your outfits

  8. No alcohol days

  9. Floss

  10. Pack and bring your lunch to work

  11. Read everyday/Pages read each day

  12. Journal everyday/Memory keeping

  13. Walk your furry friend(s)

  14. No phone 1 hour before bed

  15. Make your own coffee

  16. Check your budgets

  17. Go to the gym

  18. No sugar days

  19. Low carb days

  20. Eat a specific amount of calories

  21. Take vitamins/supplements/medication

  22. Make the bed

  23. Tidy for 10 minutes

  24. Quality time with loved ones

  25. Work on something you're passionate about/side hustle/hobby

  26. Write out gratitudes

  27. Visualize your success

  28. Fruit/Veggie servings

  29. Wake up on time/ No snooze

  30. Skincare routine

  31. Water plants

  32. Stretch everyday

  33. Social media posts

  34. Inbox zero

  35. Draw/sketch/create something

  36. No caffeine

  37. Compliment someone

  38. Go zero waste

  39. Laughter/Positive thoughts

  40. Prep for tomorrow/Check your calendar/Write out to do lists

  41. Random act of kindness

  42. Call someone you love

  43. Do the dishes

  44. Get some fresh air

  45. Do something for yourself

  46. Catch up on the news

  47. Go through paperwork/Check the mail

  48. Say "I love you"

  49. No makeup day

  50. Say no/Say yes


Soooo now it's time for the update!!

I re-designed the Habit Tracker inserts!!

I felt that a few of the inserts I made almost a year ago now need a bit of updating. I'll be going through the products and (slowly) re-designing as I see fit. Get your hands on the updated Habit Tracker now! I'm so excited to use this new design and get back into tracking all of the habits that make a difference in my life! Grab it from the shop and join me :)

What are you currently tracking in your planner? Which habit are you the most/least successful with? Let me know!






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