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50 Habits to Track In Your Planner + An Update

One of the best practices for productivity, positive self care, and intentional living for me is tracking my habits. I realized, however, that I've been tracking the exact same habits over and over, month after month. It got me thinking... what other habits could be tracked and could adding new habits have a positive impact?

By introducing new habits, even just 1 new habit a month, brings about new challenges that you have to figure out how to navigate.

Here is a list of some amazing habits you could start implementing today!

  1. Exercise

  2. 10,000 steps a day

  3. Drink 8 glasses of water

  4. Get 8 hours of sleep

  5. No TV/Netflix

  6. No spend days

  7. Plan your outfits

  8. No alcohol days

  9. Floss

  10. Pack and bring your lunch to work

  11. Read everyday/Pages read each day

  12. Journal everyday/Memory keeping

  13. Walk your furry friend(s)

  14. No phone 1 hour before bed

  15. Make your own coffee

  16. Check your budgets

  17. Go to the gym

  18. No sugar days

  19. Low carb days

  20. Eat a specific amount of calories

  21. Take vitamins/supplements/medication

  22. Make the bed

  23. Tidy for 10 minutes

  24. Quality time with loved ones

  25. Work on something you're passionate about/side hustle/hobby

  26. Write out gratitudes

  27. Visualize your success

  28. Fruit/Veggie servings

  29. Wake up on time/ No snooze

  30. Skincare routine

  31. Water plants

  32. Stretch everyday

  33. Social media posts

  34. Inbox zero

  35. Draw/sketch/create something

  36. No caffeine

  37. Compliment someone

  38. Go zero waste

  39. Laughter/Positive thoughts

  40. Prep for tomorrow/Check your calendar/Write out to do lists

  41. Random act of kindness

  42. Call someone you love

  43. Do the dishes