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20 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

When I had thought about writing this blog post the leaves had just started to change color, the air had a chill to it, and the sun was going down a lot earlier. Sigh. Fall is so lovely. Well today, I sit in my living room writing this while a foot of snow has fallen on the ground overnight and it looks far more like winter than fall.

My city is notorious for it's crazy weather and it's common knowledge that fall only lasts a few weeks before we slip into winter for several months. Still, this doesn't stop me from absolutely loving fall. It's my favourite season.

Regardless of how quick Fall seems to come and go where I live, I embrace it wholeheartedly and soak it all in. It's quite simple, but here are the reasons I look forward to Fall every single year:

  1. New planner supplies are out for the school year! (Even if I'm not in school anymore)

  2. With the cooler weather sleep is so much more restful and comfortable

  3. Going to the farmers market in fall is just the best

  4. More time to read (or at least no no one judges you when you stay in)

  5. More shows to watch

  6. Sweater Weather a.k.a the best outfits of the year. Boots, scarves, sweaters, coats.

  7. Trees at their most beautiful

  8. Dark lipstick and nails

  9. Fall candles

  10. Candy, chocolate, and baking. Mmm apple pie

  11. Thanksgiving! The holiday with the best food! In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October.

  12. Fall walks through the park

  13. Sitting around the fire in the evening

  14. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, chai tea, hot chocolate, and all the other warm cozy drinks

  15. The most gorgeous color palette with oranges, reds, browns, golds, rusts, beige, creams and yellows

  16. That cozy feeling

  17. Breaking out all of my blankets especially my heated blanket

  18. Comfort food like chili, soups, and stews

  19. Harry Potter marathons

  20. It's almost Christmas

Tell me, what's your favourite thing about Fall or Autumn? Is it your favourite season? If not, which season do you look forward to the most? Leave me a comment.






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