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Thrifty Planner Decor - 3 Items You Probably Already Own

I've recently become incredibly interested in anything second hand, upcycled, or thrifted. I've been loving watching "thrift with me" YouTube videos and have recently found a love for second hand shops around my city. So, when it came to looking at different things I could use as planner decor I decided to take on the same mindset and thrift things, or upcycle what I already had around the house.


First things first, we all love a good washi tape, but sometimes it can be very expensive. If you're like me and you prefer a more minimal aesthetic, you find that the patterns or colors of the tape don't fit the look you're trying to go for or it just ends up cluttering your weekly spreads more than you want them to.

So, I recently went through our junk drawer and found a good old roll of scotch tape.

Which, funnily enough, would work perfectly for the warm, minimal, and natural look that I'm going for for my planner aesthetic.

It's probably something that you already have in your house in a drawer somewhere and you can dress it up with other stickers to make it look really interesting.