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Amp Up Your Health & Fitness Goals: How to Use the Wellness Planner

I've recently really enjoyed reading Darren Hardy's book "The Compound Effect." (So much so that I made my husband read it as well and he's also singing it's praises). The book was filled with little reminders on how to be successful in several areas of your life. It was a quick read, but I loved that it wasn't rocket science. In fact, Hardy's suggestions were things I already knew had worked for me in the past.

In particular, I was reminded of the importance of tracking. I'm a little embarassed to say that I haven't been using my habit tracker. Unfortunately, I think the last time I tracked anything was in February and I have to admit, my health and wellness has taken a beating because of it. I'm so much better when I track my actions each and every day.

Besides tracking, the biggest facor to my success is accountability. Holding yourself accountable to reach your goals ensures that you have a motive when you start to waver and lose interest.

It was this mindset that drove the design of EO Edit's most recent launch, The Wellness Planner . I wanted something that would help you track your goals, look stunning in your planner so you actually wanted to use it, and a place that kept you accountable to your goals.

Here are the steps I take to accomplish my fitness goals using The Wellness Planner. Let's go through it.


The wellness planner starts with defining your reason why. Take some time to reflect and think about why you're doing all of this. Know your why and remind yourself of it whenever you need. Sometimes it's easy to know your why. The months before my wedding my "why" was to look my best on my wedding day. When my husband played hockey, his "why" was to be strong and compete at his best on the ice. Day to day life, however, can be harder to understand your why. Simply put, my "why" is to be healthier but that can be hard to measure accurately. Be specific with your goals, understand your motive, and write it down so you can remind yourself of it often.


Like anything, preparation is the key to success. You can't set your goal and expect to wake up knowing exactly what to do. This is why I love the Wellness Planner. Before you even step foot in the gym, you can map out your workouts, determine your schedule, and have a game plan. Decide when, how, and where you'll workout. Mornings? Afternoon? Evening? What works best with your lifestyle? Sign up for classes and schedule them into your planner. Have everything ready to go. No excuses.