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Traveling With My Planner

Non-planner people don't know the struggle.

More often than not, our planning consists of multiple pens, lots of stickers, more rolls of washi tape than we can count, die cuts, etc. etc. etc. Right? Well, when we travel it's not realistic to bring your entire craft room with you on the plane so we have to dial it back and only bring the essentials. Scary thought. And don't even think about telling me to leave my planner at home. That's not an option.

I'm only bringing what can fit, perfectly contained, in my planner.

So let's get into it.

Right now, I am using the Ebony Classic Croc from Filofax in the personal size. It has a back pocket, zip pouch, pen holder, and a few card slots at the back.


I'm not changing around my inserts too much because I'm happy with what I currently have and I'm okay bringing everything with me. I need my regular weekly and monthly spreads as well as some of my goal and habit trackers that I'll try my best to stay on top of while I'm on vacation. However, one change I have made is I've taken out my Notes section that is typically the last section of my planner and replaced it temporarily with The Travel Planner. This has some incredibly important information about our trip, flights, hotels, things we want to do, outfits I've packed, etc. I'll be referencing these pages religiously throughout the honeymoon.

Get The Travel Planner here