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My Travel Essentials

I'd never really say I am a nervous flyer, but like a lot of people out there, there are aspects of traveling that make me feel a variety of negative emotions. I hate struggling with too many bags, standing in long security lines, stale recycled air, freezing cold and uncomfortable airplanes, germs! UGH.

That being said, today I'm sharing with you some of my travel essentials that make the travel experience just a bit more bearable. To me, a good flight is all about being as comfortable as possible, avoiding the germs, and keeping things organized.


First things first, a good carry on makes a world of difference. I've had this one for years after finding it at Winners. I love how versatile it is. The bag has tons of storage, pockets for all of my electronics, and can either be carried or rolled. Airports now are so huge that carrying a bag can be a daunting task. I'd rather avoid sweating like crazy as I walk between terminals, thanks. I can easily pop out the handle and roll on, sweat free.

Now, let's get into what's inside the bag.


I'm one of those travelers that likes a printed copy of my boarding pass. But sometimes between the hustle of security and running between gates, you've stuffed it into your bag somewhere and now you're about to board your plane but you can't find it and you start to panic. Woah. Stressful. This wallet keeps everything perfectly contained and even has spots for your passport, important documents, and currency. (get it here)


Having a few makeup bits can make a long haul flight suddenly feel luxurious. I like to keep a few things contained in one makeup bag so I know exactly where something is when I need it. Face spray, sanitizer, lip balm, hand lotion, powder foundation, concealer, and blotting papers are just a few of the beauty essentials I keep with me. (get it here)


Two things that happen on a long flight: dry skin and exposure to a bunch of germs. This wellness spray is perfect to combat both of these issues. It's full of wonderful essential oils that will hyrdate your skin as well as fight germs and keep your immune system strong. (get it here)


This goes without saying. Airports are incredibly busy places and germs are on everything. You don't want to get sick while you're on holiday, do you? (get it here)


Getting enough sleep is essential to avoid jet lag but not always easy to do. I know I struggle to sleep on planes. I don't recommend taking any strong sleeping pills if you can avoid it or you're not used to it already. That's why I really like the Natural Calm Calmful Sleep powder. Mixed with water, this drink serves as a magenesium supplement, a mineral most people are deficient in. Magnesium promotes a state of relaxation which will lead to a restful sleep. (get it here)


Keep it simple. Easily slip your shoes off and on going through security as well as on the plane. A tip is to find a pair of slip on shoes that works with your vacation wardrobe. (get it here)


I like to get as cozy as possible on a plane and for whatever reason, I'm always freezing when i'm on planes, especially my feet. I slip on some fuzzy socks, curl up and pop on a movie. Ah perfect.


Under the same concept as the cozy socks, it's all about being warm and comfortable on the plane. I can easily wrap myself up with a huge blanket scarf and drift off to sleep. Not to mention, I always find girls rocking a blanket scarf in the airport look incredibly chic. (get it here)


Without one I have no hope in sleeping. Trust me, it's essential. Go for a memory foam pillow to get the most support. Then, make sure you've got a window seat or a nice significant other to lean on. (get it here)


I like to keep a new journal for every trip I go on. It's a great place to corral all of those tickets, slips, photos, and memorabilia you'll collect on your travels. I like having it on the plane so I can start documenting my journey, take some time while I'm on the plane to doodle, draw, write, and keep myself occupied. I don't know if you're like me, but when I'm on a plane I come up with some awesome ideas for all sorts of things. It's great to have a space to jot down your thoughts and ideas. (get it here)


A lot of people lug around a huge chunky book that they're reading and that's fine if you're a physical book lover, but I love the convenience of an e-reader. It's so lightweight and I have thousands of books at my fingertips. (get it here)


I always keep wired headphones with me ready to listen to music or podcasts from my phone or watch movies on my laptop.


Last but not least, if your health and diet is of particular importance to you, you'll know that finding healthy options while you travel can be a huge struggle. I look for healthy snack bars, beef jerky, nuts, and plantain chips just to name a few. (rx bars)

And that's that! Those are a few of the essentials I can't travel without. They all have their place in making my journey more comfortable, organized, entertaining, cozy, and stress-free.


What's one item you can't travel without?





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