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Currently Loving . MARCH 2019

I think part of the reason we love social media so much is because we're all a little bit nosey and we really just want to see what others are doing and how they're navigating this crazy ride we call life. In general, I follow people on social media because I like their style, aesthetic, way of living, etc. That's what makes the Internet and social platforms so amazing. It connects you to like minded people that would otherwise be worlds away. It's because of this connection, that I find something so enjoyable about seeing a well composed list of the things people like...from people I like! These lists expose you to things that are on trend or at least relevant in your circle and encourages you to broaden your view on things.

It's honestly one of my favorite blog posts. Sometimes I don't want to read or write some deep philosophical post about challenging our morning routines or what's the most efficient way to plan and reach your goals. Sometimes, I just want to sit down with a cup of coffee and see what people are loving. Simple as that. What's your favorite purchase you've recently made? What food are you obsessed with right now? What are you watching on Netflix every night?

So, I've decided to share my list with you. I've broken down my favorites into a few categories to keep things simple. If you're curious about a category I haven't listed here let me know!

Let's jump into it. Here's what I've been loving lately:



First things first, I have to mention that I've been completely loving and am obsessed with the newest launch here at EO Edits, The Edited Wardrobe. I am having so much fun going through my closet, discovering new outfits that I'm so excited to wear, and noting gaps in my wardrobe that I'm eager to fill.

It's a HUGE printable workbook to guide you through the process of discovering your style. Grab a copy now!

Going through The Edited Wardrobe has made me realize numerous things about my style but one thing in particular that stood out to me is how much I love lace blouses. Over and over again in my Pinterest boards I saw tons and tons of photos that all showed outfits incorporating white or black lace blouses. I love how feminine, elegant, and intricate they are. You can easily dress them up or dress them down with a pair of jeans. They're the perfect feminine balance to an edgy leather jacket, which is another favorite from my wardrobe.

I also realized that I like "easy" style. I don't want to fuss too much with otufits, I want something that's simple and easy to create. Because of the intricacy of a lace top, it really speaks volumes in what can be an otherwise simple outfit. It's so detailed and beautiful that it looks as though you've tried a lot harder than you likely did. Perfect! Going through my wardrobe I realized I only had one lace top, which is short sleeved. I ended up picking up a high collar, long sleeve blouse and I can't wait to wear it.

Warmer weather is just around the corner and I honestly can't wait. With our honeymoon to Greece booked, I'm dreaming of hot days lounging on the beach and beautiful pools overlooking gorgeous views. I can't wait to lay out in the sun, working on my tan.

At the moment, I am loving the trend of super minimal bathing suits. What do you think of this trend? Now It's just a case of losing the winter weight so i can look as amazing as these babes.

Another style favorite that I've fallen in love with is minimal jewelry. Using The Lifestyle Cleanse, I decluttered and reorganized my jewelry collection and noticed that my most worn pieces were more minimal in style. I've decided that I want to invest a bit more into my jewelry and purchase higher quality pieces. Currently, i'm lusting after the Mejuri collections and really would love a zodiac necklace (I'm a Taurus), or this gorgeous star ring.


I ended up trying a few new skincare products in the last few months because I was running out of almost everything. I was searching for a new oil cleanser and went for lunch with a friend when we started chatting about how she's recently started using Emu Oil to remove her makeup. I wrinkled my nose at her and she responded, "I know, it sounds really weird but it's been working well." That night I went home and did a bit of research on the benefits of Emu Oil for skincare and acne. What I found was a plethora of positive reviews. It's seen as this miracle cure for acne, excema, wrinkles, dry scalp, hair growth, and even scarring.

I should say, all my life I've dealt with acne as well as what seems like an ever changing skin type. Some days I'm oily, others I'm dry, sometimes I'm sensitive, sometimes I'm not. I've spent a fortune trying tons of products claiming to cure acne and let's be honest...none have. Over the last year I've really focused in on what ingredients as well as what diet works best for my skin. What I learned is that I respond really well to oils & fats especially Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

Emu oil contains these omega fatty acids along with many healing antioxidants, polyphenols, carotenoids, flavones, and phospholipids.

Long story short, I bought a solid bar as well as an oil. The two arrived a few weeks ago and I have to say... It works. First, I emulsify the bar in my hands with water and use that to remove my makeup. I follow up with the Derma-E Glycolic cleanser to make sure all of the makeup is gone and my skin is nice and clean. I'll finish with a moisturizer and I mix one or two drops of the liquid emu oil into that before applying it to my skin. Besides the fact that my skin is so supple, soft, and moisturized from the oil, my acne is noticeably easier to manage and there are fewer spots.

Here are the products I bought: Liquid Emu Oil & Emu Oil Bar.

You may have seen on Instagram stories that I recently tried out the Bali Body Tanning Mousse. I'll start by saying I'm new with self tanners. I was using the St. Tropez Purity line as a subtle touch of color before my wedding and it did the job. It gave a beautiful glow with just a hint of color, perfect for your wedding day. It was incredibly easy to use, drying down in 10 mintues, leaving absolutely no residue, and I never ever found any streaks. But I wanted something a bit more intense. I was a bit nervous, dreading that I would look like a clown if I screwed up but I have to admit, the Bali Body Mousse was easy! It gave a tint of color when first applying so I knew where I had already put product. I left it on for 3 hours, which is recommended for a light tan. It developed into a beautiful dark color before showering and left a nice light tan once I was done the whole process. In the future I plan to leave it on even longer now that I know how subtle it is after just 3 hours. It is probably the most natural, bronzy tan color that I've ever seen in a self tanner. There's absolutely no awful orange tint. All in all, I would 100% recommend.


If you've followed me for a while, you know I absolutely love coffee. So it comes as no surprise that my next favorite is a travel coffee cup. I am loving the KeepCup 12 oz. reusable cup. Not only does it encourage me to be more environmentally conscious, but I adore the simple and beautiful design. There's something about the clear glass tumbler that I love. I can easily see when I'm done my coffee and am in need of a refill and if you're coffee obsessed like me, that's important.


As I've been going through the Lifestyle Cleanse workbook and decluttering our home, I've really been enjoying minimal decor. Inspired by the minimal yet luxurious decor of Restoration Hardware, I bought a bunch of vases from my local thrift store for less than $100 and spent an evening painting them a soft satin white. I even went as far as to paint some of our old textbooks and other hard cover books to match on our bookshelves.

As I get to the end of writing this blog post I can clearly see a pattern with all of my favorites. Minimalism. I guess I'm done with fuss, mess, and anything cluttering my life that doesn't serve me. And I'm so good with that.

As always, I want to hear from you! What have you been absolutely loving recently? Let me know in the comments.

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