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Currently Loving . MARCH 2019

I think part of the reason we love social media so much is because we're all a little bit nosey and we really just want to see what others are doing and how they're navigating this crazy ride we call life. In general, I follow people on social media because I like their style, aesthetic, way of living, etc. That's what makes the Internet and social platforms so amazing. It connects you to like minded people that would otherwise be worlds away. It's because of this connection, that I find something so enjoyable about seeing a well composed list of the things people like...from people I like! These lists expose you to things that are on trend or at least relevant in your circle and encourages you to broaden your view on things.

It's honestly one of my favorite blog posts. Sometimes I don't want to read or write some deep philosophical post about challenging our morning routines or what's the most efficient way to plan and reach your goals. Sometimes, I just want to sit down with a cup of coffee and see what people are loving. Simple as that. What's your favorite purchase you've recently made? What food are you obsessed with right now? What are you watching on Netflix every night?

So, I've decided to share my list with you. I've broken down my favorites into a few categories to keep things simple. If you're curious about a category I haven't listed here let me know!

Let's jump into it. Here's what I've been loving lately:



First things first, I have to mention that I've been completely loving and am obsessed with the newest launch here at EO Edits, The Edited Wardrobe. I am having so much fun going through my closet, discovering new outfits that I'm so excited to wear, and noting gaps in my wardrobe that I'm eager to fill.

It's a HUGE printable workbook to guide you through the process of discovering your style. Grab a copy now!