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UPDATE: What's Coming Up on EO Edits

The Lifestyle Designer Workbook seems to be getting lots of love and attention and I'm so excited to keep that going. First off, thank you so so so much for anyone who purchased the workbook and sent me such amazing comments about it. While I love designing the inserts and feel so lucky that I get to do that as a job, seeing how much you love each design makes all the late nights worth it. I'm so excited for what's to come on EO Edits, and I hope you are too.

On that note, when the Lifestyle Designer Workbook launched I spoke quickly about the fact that it's the foundation. It's the starting point to figuring out who you want to become and there's so much more to add. I wanted to talk about what you can expect for launches in the coming weeks. Let's get into it.



If you've seen my recent Instagram Post, you may have noticed a sneak peak of this insert. P.S. that's the best place to see what's going on or coming up for the shop. Anyways, I'm a big believer in bucket lists or at least long term planning. I wasn't always this way, but now I see and understand the benefits of having one. If you've worked your way through the Lifestyle Designer Workbook, you've figured out who you want to be but the next step is carrying out the promise and deciding what you want to do. Making a bucket list is not only really fun, but also incredibly motivating to do. Think about your wildest dreams. Think about what you want to tell your grandkids when you're 80 years old. Don't be afraid to dream big.