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This past weeks launch with the Lifestyle Designer Workbook was a big one! I worked my butt off to get it out to you guys and I'm so looking forward to relaxing for a bit. Thank you so much to anyone who bought the workbook and I hope you love it and it brings you joy, motivation, and focus!

To keep things light this week, I'm sharing my planning playlist with you. I love music. I don't know about you but when I'm doing any creative work including planning out my week ahead, I have to have music playing. Not just any music, but songs that motivate me and put me in the perfect headspace to get me feeling excited for what i've got planned. I've curated an eclectic mix of songs that helps me to do just that.

Each song was chosen to get you feeling confident, inspired and motivated to work hard and tackle your goals and dreams.

Check it out!

I love and appreciate that everyone has different tastes in music. Please please please, share some of your favorite music that you listen to to get you motivated, inspired and ready to tackle your goals. Let me know in the comments!





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