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I'll be honest, I haven't always been a good planner. I absolutely love the designing and creating stage when it comes to my planner inserts, but I had a habit of getting everything printed and ready to go, and just leaving them untouched. I needed to make a conscious effort to actually record events, track habits, and plan goals. Sounds crazy since planning has always been such a huge passion of mine but life can too easily get in the way and the chaos quickly takes over. What I found works the best for me is a very systematic and structured approach. Establishing a routine created good planning habits and soon my I was more organized, managed, and relaxed when it came to planning.

Everyone's planning routine is different and it's important to find what works best for you and your schedule. I'm by no means perfect, and this routine is not foolproof but it's all a work in progress. I wish so badly that I was one of those girls that woke up with the sun and faced her planner with a coffee in hand. Realistically, that's not me. I stay in bed until the last possible second, hitting snooze a couple times. What that means is that I'm forced to start my day before I have a chance to slowly ease into it and sit and plan things out. Forunately, my day to day is quite flexible and I can quickly and easily adjust when I need to. Because self-discipline on a day to day basis is a work in progress for me, what I find works best is having set times where I sit down and devote my time completely to planning. It's like a massive brain declutter at the beginiing of each month and week. Planning this way eases the pressure of being completely "with it" first thing in the morning. I've set aside time previously to keep myself organized and I trust that process.

Let's go through it.


A thorough planning session before the start of the month puts me at ease and makes me feel ready to accomplish what I set out to. It makes planning each week and day that much easier as well. I sit down, pop the monthly spread out of the planner and set it in front of me.

Then I flip through my planner from front to back.

I check:

  • Year at a glance for birthdays, holidays, and big events

  • Look through goals list and choose areas/goals to focus on for the month then break these down into actionable steps

  • Check the to do list and add these into the month by priority, including work to dos

  • Add any recurring tasks that happen each month like paying bills and pay days, etc.

  • List any appointments/meetings you have booked

I also like doing a brain dump each month where I add in the following to my planner:

  • List out any new to dos

  • Make note of e-mails/calls to make

  • Appointments to book

  • Gifts to buy

  • Any other items to buy

  • Project Ideas