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Which Planner Should I Choose? My Planner Wishlist

One of my goals this month was to write a blog post every week, and although it's Christmas I still wanted to write something for you guys. It will be super quick so we can all get back to the rum and eggnog, mistletoe, and rocking around the Christmas tree. The Grinch had it right when he said Christmas doesn't come from a store. I know Christmas is about so much more than the presents and things on your Wishlist. However, I've found myself thinking about what my next planner will be. While I do not expect there to be a new planner under the tree, I'm considering rewarding myself for launching the shop and completing my blogging goal by buying a new planner. First things first, I do not need a new planner. Let's get that out of the way. I am still absolutely head over heels for my Filofax Personal Croc in Ebony. It was my first love when it came to the ring bound planner world and I had no hesitations knowing it was the first "expensive" planner I would save up for. While I am totally at peace with my planner situation right now, it hasn't stopped me from longing for other beautiful planners out there. So, let's break down the current planners on my Wishlist and what I love or don't love about them. You'll notice I am definitely in the market for a brown or beige planner to add to my neutral collection, but which one should I choose?

It's absolutely no surprise that I love this planner. I haven't exactly been quiet about my obsession with it. The most expensive on the list, it would be an absolute dream come true to own this beauty. The monogram pattern is iconic, fits my aesthetic beautifully, and adds a bit of pattern to my planner collection. While it's gorgeous, I worry that it may not be practical for my planning style. I've heard that the rings tend to be small and the pen loop can be stiff and struggle to hold a variety of pens. With the hefty price tag, it should be perfect, right? I'm not one of those people that buys something expensive and lets it sit, afraid to use it. No, I would use this planner solely if I happened to be lucky enough to have it. So, the idea that it may not work just right for me makes me wary. It would definitely make for some stunning instagram photos, but is that worth it?

Perhaps on the opposite end when it comes to price, this planner is loved for some of the same reasons as the LV. It's a gorgeous shade of brown with a bit of texture. What I love about this planner is that it seems to have tons of space for stickers, cards, and notes. The gold details are beautiful and very different than the black and silver of the Filofax Croc. For the price, it can't be beat, but I wonder if the quality is there?

I've seen this planner becoming more and more popular on instagram lately and for good reason. The leather seems to be so supple and soft, something I love about the Croc. This is another planner that seems to have tons of pockets and zips for storage so I wouldn't have a problem there. However, I worry that it pulls a little more on the yellow side rather than a soft beige and that the leather would mark up easily- although that might add more character to the planner as it's used.

Are these planners no longer sold? I can only find them on eBay or Amazon. It's something completely different than the rest of the planners on this list with the zipper closure. I love the idea of a planner with pens and stickers, perfectly zipped and contained. What stops me is wondering if the zipper gets in the way of writing and if the planner can hold a lot of inserts without struggling to close or warping in an attempt to close. Either way, it's gorgeous and while the black seems to be the most popular I've seen it in a beautiful rose gold and gold metallic.

After loving my Ebony Croc so much, I would absolutely buy a Filofax planner again. I trust that they make beautiful, good quality planners that hold up to the wear and tear of everyday. This planner has beautiful character to it already. The shade of brown is gorgeous and it seems to feel a little more casual than the other planners on the list. I think it would be a great every day planner to add to the collection!

So, what do you think? Do you currently use any of these planners? Are any of these planners also on your Wishlist? Be sure to comment and let me know on Instagram which planner you think I should buy next! I'd love to have your feedback.

Merry Christmas!





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