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I hope this gift guide isn't coming to you too late, but if you're like me this year you're stumped on what to buy people for Christmas and you'll take any suggestions gratefully. The holidays can be really stressful, and it can be completely overwhelming to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list.

When it comes to presents, sticking to a theme is a great way to avoid the stress and intimidation each year. Now, it doesn't have to be lame - I'm not suggesting you give everyone towels or socks - although as an adult getting new socks is awesome. It's the thought that counts, right? Some of my favourite presents both to give and receive are those where loved ones share a passion of theirs with me in some way. If you're reading this blog, I assume you're like me; #plannerobsessed. So, why not share that passion of yours with the ones that mean the most to you. Let's face it, you know the best pens, planners, and organizers to get. To be honest, I don't know anyone, in some way, shape, or form, that doesn't need help when it comes to productivity and organization.

I've rounded up twelve amazing gifts that anyone would be thrilled to receive on Christmas morning.

These dual tip markers are a fan favourite. I use the neutral portrait pack everywhere; my planner, art journal, for brush lettering, etc. I love them. The brush tip is soft and effortless, while the fine tip is a bit more bold and vivid.

Whether you use it for pens, pencils, markers, washi tape, makeup.... anything, everyone will love this cute, stylish polka dot bag.

This is genius. When I'm working and creating I always have a coffee by my side, but before I know it, it gets ice cold. This minimal ceramic mug looks great but also keeps your coffee or tea the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop. Using the app on your phone or Apple Watch, you get notified when your beverage has reached your preferred drinking temperature. How cool is that?

Acrylic is a huge trend right now. These organizers look chic and minimal while keeping your workspace clean and organized.

We've all heard how harmful the blue light from phones and technology can be in the hours before bedtime. These glasses are stylish while protecting your eyes from that sleep-damaging light. I'm putting these on my personal Christmas list!

I've seen this on a few gift guides throughout the years and for good reason. I think everyone would love this - planners, travellers, students... anyone. The leather will be incredibly durable year after year, while keeping all of your belongings perfectly in their place.

I think anyone who owns a stylish pair of gold scissors has their sh*t together. Enough said.

If you're wanting to go all out this year, why not go to one of the most popular planners and my personal favourite - the Filofax Classic Croc in Ebony. Even if someone isn't an avid planner, I think they'd appreciate the beauty that is this planner. She's a stunner.

For someone who does most of their planning digitally, a great present is this fashionable phone case. It will update their tech perfectly.

Fun to say, but also incredibly practical. These tacos keep all of your cords and extras organized and contained. Perfect for the traveller, commuter, and anyone really.

For someone who doesn't know the planner world, the Five Minute Journal and the Productivity Planner are both gorgeous options that prompt you into writing, making them more user-friendly.

I've seen versions of this bag pop up all over my Instagram feed. It seems like the perfect bag to keep all of your things organized whether you're a planner or not. It fits a 13" laptop and has plenty of room for everything else. This bag would be great for your commute to and from work or school, as a gym bag, or to carry all of your planner essentials. I also love that it is trendy, minimal, and stylish, all in one. It would really work with anyone's personal style. This is another one I'm adding to my list!

I hope this gift guide gives you some inspiration, and if nothing else, it's a great list of things to buy for yourself! #treatyoself

Tell me in the comments what is on your Christmas list this year. What's a Christmas tradition you always look forward to?





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