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Your Morning Checklist

My morning routine is like a spiritual ritual at this point. I take my mornings very very seriously - Especially on weekdays before a day of creative work. Now, everyone's morning routine is different. It's important to note that not everyone has the same amount of time in the morning and, let's face it, we're not all morning people. But if you can incorporate just a few of these morning activities into your routine, you'll feel so much better to face the day.



First things first, focus on yourself. Instead of grabbing your phone, try this: Get up, make the bed and journal or meditate even if you can only fit in 10 minutes.


If you have the time, fit in a 30 minute workout. If not, try stretching for 10 minutes, Stretching is great for your body and your mind! You can even do this while you meditate first thing. Talk about being efficient.


Catch up on the news, listen to a podcast, or read. You can do this on your commute if you're short on time.


Fuel your body for the day! Fill your water bottle and make your favorite healthy breakfast. I love having coconut yogurt with berries, homemade granola bars, or egg muffins. Don't forget your vitamins!


It's the last step but it's a crucial one. A productive day starts with a to-do list and well thought out schedule. Check your e-mails and set any reminders that you'll need in order to get everything done.

Take a look at your current morning schedule and see where you can make a few differences. Download the rituals pack below to start building and planning all of your routines.







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