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Cool Moody Aesthetic FREEBIE Vision Board

Updated: May 14, 2022

It's that time again! Time for a new freebie mood board. And it's a good one - one of my favorites for sure.

You know that time of year where you pull out your leather jackets, boots, and black sweaters? Where you feel just a little cooler, a bit of a rebel. That's what this board embodies. With the cooler months, we tend to gravitate towards a darker, moodier palette. This is true in both interior design and fashion. And this darker aesthetic goes hand in hand with a cool, edgy vibe. This style is cutting edge, bold, provocative, and a touch unconventional. It challenges the mainstream and pushes you to think in a new and creative way.


The reverse side of the vision board includes a coordinating quote - "Be more than you ever thought you could be." Just as this mood board takes on a edgier, bolder approach, this quote ignites a passion in you to push yourself even further.

Get your mood board for free below! Click the links to download your own Cool Moody Aesthetic Vision board.

CoolMoody.Mood Board - A5
Download PDF • 819KB

CoolMoody.Mood Board - A6
Download PDF • 505KB

CoolMoody.Mood Board Personal
Download PDF • 518KB

CoolMoody.Mood Board - Pocket
Download PDF • 349KB




1 Comment

WoW! WoW! WoW!! No words can express your Be.YOU.tee.ful FREE inserts!! Thank you!!





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