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First Impressions: Filofax Original in Stone

After over a year... in fact, 21 months to be exact, I recently took the plunge and bought a new planner! To those not in the planner community, this decision probably doesn't seem that big of a deal, but it really was. I actually felt intense anxiety as I was choosing which planner to buy. I had just put in a ton of work to do a small re-brand of EO Edits. I worked hard at choosing the brand color palette and really nailing down the aesthetic I wanted to achieve and this new planner, which would be in every instagram photo, needed to be the work-horse to carry out this vision that I had for my brand.

First things firs:, Don't get me wrong, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my previous planner - the Filofax Ebony Classic Croc in personal size. In fact, I still absolutely LOVE that planner and I'm so happy it will forever be a part of my collection. Mostly, I just felt that I needed a change and a planner that would better represent the re-branded aesthetic I was going for.

It took a while, but I was eventually able to narrow my choices down to two planners - Filofax's Original in Stone and Filofax's Original Patent in Nude. In the end, the shiny patent just wasn't for me and that's what swayed my decision.

SO! Now, my new planner has arrived and I've spent a few weeks in it and have a good feel for it. Was it the right choice?! Overall, I'll start by saying that I'm really happy with my choice and I really love this planner. Below are a few things that I noticed in my first few weeks transitioning from one planner to the next. Here are my first impressions on the Filofax Original in Stone:


1. Color

The very first thing I noticed about this planner is that it's definitely more of a pale blue color rather than the stone grey that I was expecting. With everyone's Instagram filters these days, it's hard to know exactly how something will look before seeing it in person. So, if you think it's from the photos online, it's not. In a way, I do wish this was a touch more gray, but I'm not disappointed with the color by any means. It feels very fresh and clean compared to the dark dramatic vibe of the croc.grey