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50 Things To Do While Social Distancing

Being a natural introvert might very well mean that I'm already really good at practicing social distancing. I was flipping through my journal the other day and came across a list I had made of things to do on weekends that don't involve spending lots of money and I realized that with a few adjustments, the list actually works really well for times like these where we're all encouraged to stay home.

While I'm doing relatively okay with this time at home, I've had a few conversations with friends and family and have come to realize that not all of us are in the best situations. Maybe you're on your own, away from loved ones. Maybe you have more of an extroverted personality and this time spent away from others is driving you a little crazy. The point is, I'd really love to help in any way I can and one way I know how is to spread positivity and remind you that you're not alone. As someone who has family members with lower immune systems who would really suffer if they were to get sick, it's incredibly important to me and I ask you desperately, please do what you can and stay home. We're all learning how to adjust in this crazy time and while I know it can be uncomfortable and less than ideal, there's no better time than now to take a moment to reflect, get creative, reprioritize and just slow down.

Here are just a few ideas for things you can do right now to help pass the time and keep you from being too bored. #Flattenthecurve.

  1. Have a movie marathon. We're planning to watch the entire Star Wars collection.

  2. Deep clean your home

  3. Play video games. Remember to keep fun the priority.

  4. Get creative! Paint or draw

  5. Break out the board games & have a games night

  6. Exercise at home. There are tons of at home workouts on Youtube as well as lots of facilities streaming workouts online. Check if your favorite class is offering something for you online.

  7. Read a book you've been meaning to get to. Or better yet, read lots of books. Scribd is offering a free 30 day trial right now!

  8. Add on to your Pinterest Boards. Organize your boards while you're at it!

  9. Declutter your closet and decide what you can donate later

  10. Bake/cook a new recipe

  11. Go for a walk - Most health professionals still recommend getting outside and enjoying the sunshine.

  12. Just drive around. Listen to some great music and drive.

  13. Complete a DIY project

  14. Write poetry

  15. Practice photography

  16. Journal or start a memory keeping project like Project Life

  17. Make a playlist

  18. Build a fort

  19. Have a solo dance party at home

  20. Go for a bike ride

  21. Get started on yard work

  22. Clean out the fridge

  23. Have a home spa day

  24. Play with your furry friend. Arlo is loving all this time spent at home with us

  25. Learn how to play an instrument

  26. Nap! Catch up on some sleep. You deserve it!

  27. Learn a new skill - You can find free classes to take online or sign up with Skillshare and get learning!

  28. Meal prep a bunch of recipes that you can freeze for later

  29. Research something you've been meaning to

  30. Binge your favourite TV show

  31. Move furniture around in your home for a little change of scenery

  32. Learn a new language

  33. Read your birth chart and figure out what it all means. The book 'Use your planets wisely' is a great resource.

  34. Listen to podcasts

  35. Practice meditation

  36. Pretend you're on Chopped and make a crazy meal using ingredients you already have.

  37. FaceTime your family and friends on a regular basis.

  38. Create a vision board

  39. Document your time at home with the 1 second everyday app.

  40. Make a puzzle. If you don't have any physical puzzles, download a jigsaw puzzle app or find some online.

  41. Start a gratitude journal

  42. Plan a date night inside. Make it fancy! Get dressed up and keep it special.

  43. Watch a new movie from the comfort of your home. Cineplex Store is a great place to watch the newest movies

  44. Pick a journal or sketchbook and challenge yourself to fill it.

  45. Reorganize all of those closets and drawers in your home that could use it.

  46. Re-design your home! While you're stuck inside you might be looking around noticing you'd like to redecorate a few things. I'm a bit bias but we're still working away over at Havenly and I'd love to help you create the home of your dreams!

  47. Revisit the goals you made at the beginning of the year and evaluate how you're doing

  48. Find out which Enneagram personality type you are. You can find some free tests online. I'm a 9, incase you're curious.

  49. Spend some quality time with your loved ones and have some deep, heart-to-heart conversations

  50. Create a capsule wardrobe


Because I can be an incredibly indecisive person, sometimes I like to leave it up to fate if I'm particularly stuck on what to do. Go to a random number generator and let it decide which of the above activities you're going to do that day. Today, for instance, I got number 16 - so it looks like I'll be spending some time journaling!

If you have any other great in-home activities you're loving doing right now, be sure to share them in the comments and on Instagram!

Stay safe and healthy!






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