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A Simple Flip Through

Hey loves! I was hoping to bring this to you yesterday but... TECHNOLOGY! Anyways, I'm excited to finally bring you a flip through of my current planner situation. It's been a long time since I've shown a flip!

I've recently really minimized my planner system, focusing only on what's important: My goals, to do lists, on-going lists, and my schedule.

Right now, I'm really loving a simple, minimal, but beautiful planner. Overcomplicating things and lots of decor is really not my style. Planner peace? Almost. Is it ever really perfect? Probably not, but I'm enjoying my planner at the moment and wanted to share.


In the future, I'm going to play around with the video quality and some editing software as I realize this isn't the best. Stay tuned for more flips, plan with me's, and art journal flips in the future!

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed it.

- Emilee




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