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Planner Decor According to Your Astrological Sign

It's no secret that we are affected by the sun and moon, but still astrology gets a bit of a bad reputation. It's considered a bit woo-woo and fluffy. However, we see articles all over the place talking about our best relationships, career, money, and the like when it comes to our signs. And sometimes, these articles are full of truth and spot on. I've always loved all things astrology, probably because I really relate to my sign, Taurus, but also because it's just fun to think of something greater out there that impacts the way you think, feel, and act.

So, what about planner decor? The following takes a look at the characteristics, traits, strengths and weaknesses of the signs to determine the best organizational, productive and decor aspects for your planner. Now, when I say decor, I don't just mean die cuts, washi, stickers, pens and other types of embellishments. I'm talking about all those things you add and put into your planner that make it incredibly unique to you.

Check out your sign below. You might just be surprised at how your sign impacts all things you.


The ram! You're energetic, aggressive, optimistic and maybe a bit impulsive. You love being physical and perhaps lack a bit of patience. The best part, you're a natural born leader and others admire that.

So when it comes to your planner? Keep taking risks, keep being bold. Use your adventurous spirit to try new things when it comes to your decor. Switch it up often so that you don't get bored. Try using bold colours like reds and oranges with washi tape and markers. Overall, your planning routine needs to be quick, easy, and effective. You don't have the time or patience to overthink things. Simplify and streamline your process.