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Planner Decor According to Your Astrological Sign

It's no secret that we are affected by the sun and moon, but still astrology gets a bit of a bad reputation. It's considered a bit woo-woo and fluffy. However, we see articles all over the place talking about our best relationships, career, money, and the like when it comes to our signs. And sometimes, these articles are full of truth and spot on. I've always loved all things astrology, probably because I really relate to my sign, Taurus, but also because it's just fun to think of something greater out there that impacts the way you think, feel, and act.

So, what about planner decor? The following takes a look at the characteristics, traits, strengths and weaknesses of the signs to determine the best organizational, productive and decor aspects for your planner. Now, when I say decor, I don't just mean die cuts, washi, stickers, pens and other types of embellishments. I'm talking about all those things you add and put into your planner that make it incredibly unique to you.

Check out your sign below. You might just be surprised at how your sign impacts all things you.


The ram! You're energetic, aggressive, optimistic and maybe a bit impulsive. You love being physical and perhaps lack a bit of patience. The best part, you're a natural born leader and others admire that.

So when it comes to your planner? Keep taking risks, keep being bold. Use your adventurous spirit to try new things when it comes to your decor. Switch it up often so that you don't get bored. Try using bold colours like reds and oranges with washi tape and markers. Overall, your planning routine needs to be quick, easy, and effective. You don't have the time or patience to overthink things. Simplify and streamline your process.


Known to be patient, determined, and persistent, the bull can be an incredibly stubborn sign. You don't exactly like change. You'll take your sweet, slow time to the point that others think you're being lazy, but once you're ready you charge forward. You also love your belongings and luxury. Your taste is elegant, refined, and beautiful.

Planner Do's? You appreciate routine, comfort and stability. Take the time to explore the best routine and decor for you, then stick to what works. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Keep your weekly spreads color coordinated and practice your handwriting because a beautiful page makes you happy. Keep all of your decor consistent and cohesive and decorate your planner with the things that you love. Only your best stickers, washi tape, and pens will do.


Gemini's are characterized by their witty, sociable, inquisitive nature. You're all about self-expression and you adapt well in times of transition. You dislike routine and too much structure can really frustrate you.

For your planner, set up a space that works well with creative self-expression. Consider the flexibility of a bullet journal. There's just enough structure there to keep you organized but you have all of the independence and flexibility to adapt it to how you want. Work with happy, lively colors like blues and yellows. Include plenty of visual inspiration like vision boards, art prints, quotes, and educational content so that you're always engaged and learning.


The cancer's of the group are incredibly sensitive and caring people. Family, tradition, and nostalgia are integral to who you are. You thrive with positive reinforcement and support.

To nurture that sensitive nature, fill your planner with items that bring you comfort and make you smile. This might be something like handmade items from friends and family or old photos of the ones you love. Bring a coziness to your planner with warm colors and soft textures. Use the smoothest, good quality paper that you can find. Even consider making or buying a knitted cover for your planner to amp up the coziness. Include positive affirmations and quotes all over your planner to remind yourself that you're killing it! Lastly, you're all about caring for others, so keep thoughtful note cards in the back of your planner so that you can write a special note to those you love.


The lion! Leo's have a deep sense of pride and are highly creative. You're enthusiastic, energetic, and fiercely loyal.

This proud nature might come across as a bit show-off-y, but embrace it! Deck out your planner with flashy golds and loud bright colors, but don't go overboard. Make sure the backdrop of your planner stays neutral so that you can use all the colourful washi, stickers, and pens that nourish your sign. The Leo thrives off validation and praise. Include some of your proudest moments in the form of photos, certificates, etc. as well positive affirmations to remind yourself of your amazingness!


Real talk, there's so many times I wish I was more like a virgo. You're incredibly hard-working, organized, detailed, and practical. It's not a far cry to call you a perfectionist.

Your goal is to create a beautiful planner that is perfectly functional. The key is in simplicity. Simple is beautiful. Try out a more minimal aesthetic and let the natural materials of the planner speak for themselves. You don't need to fill the space with tons of stickers and decor. Go for a more professional planner approach by sticking to decor that is purely functional and practical. Keep your planner feeling peaceful and free from chaos with a consistent color palette. Use soft colors like pale blues, greens, and warm creams and browns.


Libra's love harmony and balance and because of this you carry an aura of sophistication with you wherever you go. You deeply value beautiful art and truly have good taste.

Unlike a lot of the other signs, you understand balance and you don't overdo it. Strive for that harmony between all things decor in your planner. A perfect blend between function, fun, beauty, practicality and self-expression. Balance out color with neutrals, natural elements with bold patterns, and art with function. Use your refined taste to curate beautiful art prints and dashboards for your planner that speak deeply to you.


Hey Scorpio. You're intense. You're beautiful. You're passionate. You love attention and are often though to be incredibly charming. Under your intense exterior, however, you can be impatient and hard on yourself.

Utilize your fiery passionate characteristics in your planner with bold patterns and strong colors to make a statement. Think colors like reds and Burgundy To satisfy that attention grabbing, charming quality, let's throw glitter on everything. Just do it. It's fun! But on the same note, don't forget to embrace white space. Balance out those strong bold statements with clean, bright white space. Because of your intensity, it can be easy to overdo it. Be aware of when you're going overboard. To deal with all of these intense emotions, consider keeping a space in your planner where you can self-analyze and process your emotions in a healthy positive way like a journal or brain dump insert.


You're energetic, up for anything, and love a good challenge. The Archer is the life of the party. You love excitement and newness and you appreciate freedom and flexibility above all else.

If you stick to one planner setup for too long, you're likely to get restless and crave stimulation. So switch it up as often as you need to. Perhaps a bullet journal would satisfy your creative and flexible nature or maybe you just need a few different planner covers to rotate between. You're all about movement and freedom and likely love to travel. Keep a travel journal as part of your planner, use memorabilia from your travels as decor, and keep planning for your next adventure. Because you crave stimulation and love challenges, fill your planner with different types of challenges (30 days, no spends, 1 year, money challenges, habit trackers, etc.) These things keep you focused, inspired, and happy.


The more reserved, grounded, patient and determined of the astrological signs, Capricorn, you're all about hard-work, business, and discipline.

So Capricorn, you plan weeks in advance, and have no problem checking off all of those boxes of your to-do list. Nourish your need for discipline with a minimalist aesthetic. Stick to blacks and whites, clean lines, and perfect handwriting. You're all about business, so a professional looking planner will soothe your soul. You're also a very down-to-earth human being so don't be afraid to bring in just a few natural touches to your planner decor.


This sign is the ultimate in independence, does things their own way, and always looks at the big picture. You overlook the tiny, unimportant details. You're innovative, eccentric, and inventive.

Use the innovative nature to look around your space and utilize non-traditional items as planner decor. Everything has potential! Clothing tags, ticket stubs, fabric, labels, etc. You're a very idyllic thinker, a humanitarian, and a voice for positivity. Include quotes and images that match this. You're sign is all about a light, bright, and airy feel. Use whites, light blues, and airy textures in your decor to create a cool, refreshing planner.


Last but not least, pisces, you're imaginative, romantic, and you just go with the flow. You're often labeled a a very dreamy kind of sign with a bit of a boho vibe.

Your gentle, compassionate, empathetic nature needs a calm and peaceful planner to match. It is your haven. Balance your dreamy, whimsical aesthetic with a few practical elements to make your planner functional yet relaxing for you. Think of washi tape, die cuts, and stickers that have a bit whimsical, eccentric, spacey, and boho. Moon phases, constellations, gypsies, mermaids, unicorns and the like. Whatever floats your boat, babe.


And there you have it! What do you think? Does your planner style coordinate with your sign? Or are you completely different? Is there a sign you wish you were more like? Let me know in the comments!





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