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Get Inspired: Home Decor Trends I'm Loving + How They Influence My Planner

I like to think, as a creative entrepreneaur, it's important to be well versed in a lot of diffent fields of art. With my background in interior design, but also as a graphic creator, artist, lover of fashion & style, and whatever other role I take on, the arts are integral to my business and my creative process. It's crucial to stay on top of trends in order to stay relevant in this industry.

Obviously, while I've been working my way through The Edited Home (grab the workbook here) I've been paying particular attention to Home Trends. I picked up a few interior design magazines and spent a lovely afternoon reading through them. I found some trends that I'd love to include in my home, but what I didn't realize was that I'd find inspiration for other aspects of my life as well.

Let's jump into it. Here's a collection of some home trends that i'm really loving lately:


I remember growing up with pieces of woven furniture and I have to be honest, if you would have asked me a few years ago if i thought this trend would come back, I would have told you "No way."

Now, of course, there's something about this style of furniture that I love. The blonde tones, the natural vibe, organic textures. It's all working for me.