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3 DIY Home Decor Projects I Tried This Week

In keeping with the theme, *cough cough * The Edited Home workbook launched this past Friday! If you haven't seen it yet, I've been working my way through the workbook on Instagram Stories over @eoedits. You don't want to miss it!

The workbook is FILLED with awesome inserts that will help you design your interior spaces and achieve the home of your dreams. One of the inserts that I've found really helpful is the Home Project List page.

If you want to grab The Edited Home for yourself and start making your own project list, click the link below!


I'm a creative person and sometimes feel like my mind moves at a mile and minute. As I go about my daily life I constantly seek out inspiration and I end up having project ideas pop into my head that I want to complete, but without a list I easily forget about them. Having a set space to write down my project ideas specifically for the home has helped me out so much. When I have an idea I can write it down here and move on without the fear of forgetting it before I can get to the project.

It's worked so well that in the last week I was able to complete 3 DIY projects that I'm really happy with.


My husband and I were gifted this gorgeous concrete planter that was filled with a succulent arrangement... and long story short, we didn't take care of it properly and it died. I thought the planter was beautiful, however, and didn't want to get rid of it so I had to come up with another way it could be used.

This is so simple:

Step 1: Buy a planter of your choice from a garden supply store or empty the dirt out of one you already own. You could also use any kind of bowl or dish.