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By the time I hit publish on this post I'll have completed the No Spend Commitment, the first commitment of the year. Even though I wasn't perfect, I would say that this no spend was a success. Here's why:


First things first, let's remember why I started the Commitment series with the no spend. More than anything it was to balance out the spending that happened in December over Christmas. Besides that, I always find I learn so much about myself with every no spend that I do. It was time for a self-check when it came to my spending, especially since I've transitioned from a full-time 9-5 job to working from home with an unpredictable income in the last 6 months.This challenge was all about being mindful about my spending. I was hoping to break the habit of impulsive buying and spending just to spend.


Here's what I wasn't allowed to buy.


  • Cosmetics

  • Clothing

  • Shoes

  • Accessories

  • Decor & Furnishings (other than a bed frame)

  • Crafts

  • Notebooks & Pens

  • Mugs

  • Candles

  • Takeout Coffee


January 5th: Completely by accident, I bought a $5.00 takeout coffee... or my husband did but still. Most of you laughed at me when I realized what I'd done.

January 15th: I used a gift card to buy the Laneige lip sleeping mask at sephora and proceeded to buy the Dr. Jart BB Balm to replace the tinted moisturizer that I ran out of during the no spend - all technically approved. I went on to buy a hair paste for $5.99 and an Adidas T-shirt for $21.00, both of which I'm saying were absolutely not approved. Fail!

January 26th & 27th: On our trip to the mountains I hadn't quite decided how I would get around with the no spend. Normally I'm one to stroll around the town, pop into shops and boutiques, and buy something to remember the trip by. This time, my only spending outside of eating out involved two $5.00 lattes because crappy hotel coffee is not acceptable.