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Happy New Years!!

I hope you guys are motivated and determined to tackle those goals and resolutions more than ever.

My Word of the Year for 2019 is COMMIT. Too often in the past I've set goals or started projects only to review them at the end of the year and tell myself that I'll tackle them eventually. I'm sure I'm not the only one with goals that I made back in 2015 still on my to do list. Well, I'm no longer okay with that. It's time to hold myself accountable. If I set a goal for myself I am committing to getting it done.


Throughout the year I plan to bring you along with me as I focus on each of my goals and resolutions. This will include things like meal planning for a week, yoga and fitness challenges, drinking more water, reading challenges, relationship challenges, financial goals, and so much more. I'll track my progress in my instagram posts, stories, and blog posts so be sure to follow me for updates. I'm expecting it to be raw and real, with highs and lows along the way. My hope is that you'll be inspired to join me with each challenge or at least be motivated to accomplish your own goals that you've set for yourself.

The first resolution I'm tackling? A No Spend Challenge. And it's starting right away.

I"m purposefully starting the year with a no spend because I know I end up spending a lot at Christmas for gifts and entertaining. December is always a very expensive month. I try to set strict budgets for myself and while I generally don't go too crazy, the added spending that happens around the Holidays is always a bit hard to swallow. This makes January a perfect month to spend less and balance everything out.

First off, what is a no spend? It can be quite broad and mean different things for different people. Generally a no spend challenge involves spending nothing or at least very little in a certain category or categories for a designated time. I've attempted maybe 2 or 3 no spends in the past and I will admit that I have been successful only once. It really is a challenge. I'm all about that "treat yourself" attitude. Life is too short! It's true, but that doesn't mean you should spend it on crap you'll just throw out in a few months.

So how does it work?


Preparation is key to a successful no spend month. If you're following along with me go ahead and grab the No Spend Challenge insert from the shop first: