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The Key To a Successful Week: SUNDAY

If you've followed me on Instagram for a little while you've heard me talk about Sunday being my most productive day. For quite a while now, and without even realizing it, I created this well-thought-out Sunday routine. I can safely say I wouldn't be the same person without it. I've found that my most successful weeks begin with a well planned and intentional Sunday.

Whether you love your job or hate it, I think everyone feels some form of the Sunday Blues once in a while. I know I did. I remember waking up on Sunday feeling the pressure that the weekend was almost over and I always felt sad. I wanted to pretend that it wasn't happening and I wanted to hang on to the relaxed, weekend feeling for as long as possible. I would sit on the couch watching movies, getting nothing done, only to crawl into bed on Sunday night feeling worse. I felt lazy, bad about myself, unprepared for what was to come, and no matter how hard I had tried Monday was still inevitably coming and I would have go to work tomorrow. That's how the world works.

In short, I knew something had to change in my Sunday to not only make me feel prepared for the week but to help me combat those horrible feelings I was having. For me, this routine made those sad feelings practically disappear. Going through this routine got me feeling motivated to start my week and instead I was excited to wake up Monday morning to begin working towards my goals. I realize everyone is unique and everyone's schedules are very different. However, for me, Sunday was the perfect day for this routine because I was guaranteed to have the day off. Typically I got errands, family time, and fun events out of the way on Saturday. For the most part, I was guaranteed an entire day of uninterrupted time.

So what did my routine look like? I thought about the areas I wanted to improve and tasks that I felt I needed to get done to put less stress on me throughout the work week. Here's what it looked like:


1. Wake up slowly

Don't be too quick to rush into the day and try to get tons done. You'll crash and burn, feel like the weekend is over and those Sunday blues will hit you quickly. Instead, grab a coffee or your favourite morning beverage and slowly ease into the day. Read a book, the newspaper, anything. Watch a favourite movie or show. This is your time to relax and do whatever you like doing on the weekends to take care of yourself and bring a little bit of comfort to the day.

2. Tidy

We usually devote a bit of time on Sundays to get the house tidy and ready for the week. Now, I'm not saying spend 3 hours deep cleaning the whole house. If you have some spare time and it needs getting done, that's fine, but put less focus on cleaning and more on taking care of yourself and prepping for what's ahead. This might mean doing a bit of decluttering, organizing, putting items back in their place, and cleaning off surfaces where everything has piled up over the last week. Reset your space.

3. Laundry

It has to be done! Grab those sheets off the bed and do at least one to two loads of laundry. This makes sure your bedroom will be fresh and you'll have some nice, clean clothes to conquer the week in.

4. Stock up on Supplies