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EO Edits was not only born out of love for designing, planning, and organizing, but also through a period of my life where I was in transition. After years and years in design school where my schedule, deadlines, and projects were dictated for me, I found myself as a design consultant who had to figure everything out from the ground up. I've always had a love for planners and spent a significant amount of time trying to find the best system for both my work and personal life. Nothing was perfect. In the end, I decided to stop spending my hard earned money on new planners that, although were beautiful in their own ways, just weren't right for me and my lifestyle. That's where I turned to my laptop, utilized those layout skills I learned from my degree, and began designing and printing my own inserts, stickers, and accessories. I finally felt like my planner system was right for me because... well... I created each component and tailored it to my needs.

A well designed planner helps me to achieve my goals, both big and small, focus on my top priorities, and engage my creative mind. The best part, is that I can continue to change and adapt my planner as my needs change too. With that idea, a fire was lit, so to speak, and I felt a desire to share what I was creating.

My hope for EO Edits, is that everything you find here will give you inspiration, bring beauty to your everyday, and help you to achieve your goals as well.

Welcome to EO Edits!

- Emilee




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