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🎶Level up, level up, level up🎶


Every year we all have those super general goals like get healthier, be a better person, put yourself first, etc. However, every expert out there says that in order to achieve your goals you have to be super specific about them. Adapted from the ‘level 10 life’ inserts that are popular in the bullet journaling world, this new insert has completely changed the way I set goals.


Start by defining areas in your life that need more focus. Now, take that overarching goal and define 10 super mini (and achievable) goals you can accomplish to make that dream a reality. Here’s an example:


Category: Health


Mini goals:

  • Workout 8 times a month
  • Achieve 10000 average steps/month
  • Go to a fitness class
  • Run for 30 mins
  • Workout 12 times a month
  • Complete a 30 day fitness challenge
  • Increase weights
  • Try a new sport
  • Workout 16 times a month
  • Run 5 km


Set yourself the task to complete each category within the year, or take it at your own pace. Complete each mini task in order or jump around - whatever suits you best! Fill in all of your accomplished tasks on the tracker and watch your progress!


Size: A5

Instant Download; PDF Document containing 1 page, double-sided.

Level Up Insert - A5

  • Size: A5
  • Easily print at home or your local print shop
  • Downloadable files; use the pages you love over and over without being charged each time
  • Instant download; receive the link to the PDF immediately after payment
  • Stylish and professional designs that print beautifully on all printers

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