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Wabi Sabi Aesthetic FREEBIE Vision Board

Hey Everyone! Here to bring you a new freebie mood board. This board celebrates a style and way of life that I appreciate so deeply. Wabi Sabi is a philosophy that came about in Japan centuries ago that celebrates imperfections, simplicity, and appreciates the beauty that comes with age. Lately, we've been seeing this style blow up in the design world. In the context of interior design, a Wabi Sabi home incorporates weathered and lived-in pieces while maintaining the balance of simplicity for a peaceful and tranquil feel. The result is a minimal aesthetic with tons of gorgeous texture.


As always, the reverse side of the vision board includes a coordinating quote - "Beauty in Imperfection." A hand-drawn line at the bottom of the page is a nod to Kintsugi which is a Japanese art for repairing broken or cracked pottery by mending the joints with gold. Just like our planners, it's not always perfect, but behind each page is life and intention that is beautiful and worth celebrating.

If this aesthetic and philosophy is new to you I highly recommend checking it out.

Get yours for free below! Click the links to download your own wabi sabi aesthetic vision board.

WABISABI Mood Board - A5
Download PDF • 642KB

WABISABI Mood Board Personal
Download PDF • 494KB

WABISABI Mood Board - A6
Download PDF • 501KB

WABISABI Mood Board - Pocket
Download PDF • 386KB








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