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5 Favorite Podcasts for Long Haul Trips

Working from home, I love putting something on the TV, listening to music, or playing podcasts just to keep me company. Tired of what's on Netflix or bored repeating the same Spotify playlist over and over again, I'm finding I hit play on podcasts much more often. So much so, I'm making sure I've got my favorite playlists ready to go for the long flights we'll be taking for our honeymoon in Greece.

I tend to enjoy podcasts that keep me feeling inspired and motivated. I enjoy topics like wellness, entrepreneurship, creativity, and personal development. Here's 5 podcasts I'll be listening to on my journey and I think you should listen to as well!


If you're into food and health but don't want to take anything too seriously or want a more realistic approach with a lot of humor sprinkled in, this is a great podcast. Aleen & Samantha touch on relevant, on trend topics related to health, wellness, fitness, and diets and add their own relatable, zero bullshit spin to things. I love that they aren't afraid to discuss their own experiences and take the "perfectionism" out of what it means to be healthy.

Listen to these episodes:


For those that don't know, my mom has MS and is no longer able to talk. She was always such a huge Oprah fan and I remember coming home after school and catching snippets of Oprah's talk show as my mom and I caught up or got dinner ready together. This podcast, and Oprah in general, is like having a conversation with my mom. My mom was always big on having conversations about life's deeper meanings and helping me to answer life's big questions, which is exactly what this podcast offers.

Listen to these episodes:


I really love Georgie's message. Not only does she have an amazing instagram page (seriously go check her out @init4thelongrunblog) but her podcast always leaves me reflecting on my life and feeling inspired. Georgie talks all things wellness from mental health, self care, finances, nutrition, exercise, work, and more!

Listen to these episodes:


I constantly find myself nodding along to Rachel in her podcast, RISE. I love her message on all things business, and personal development. She's that friend that you go to when you need someone to be real with you and tell you the truth. I also really love her relationship focused podcast, RISE Together.

Listen to these episodes:


If I want to step away from work for a bit and put a hold on all the inspirational, motivational content I surround myself with, I turn on Fat Mascara. I know a lot of you like beauty and skincare as much as I do, which is why I'm eager to share this podcast with you. Jessica and Jennifer are both knowledgable and hilarious. They discuss beauty trends, new products, and chat with experts and celebrities. It's my beauty fix.

Listen to these episodes:

A few honorable mentions...

  • BossBabe Podcast

  • Style Your Mind

  • The Balanced Blonde Podcast

  • The Goop Podcast

  • The Popcast with Knox & Jamie

  • That's So Maven

I absolutely love these podcasts as well but feel I've talked about them a lot on social media already and wanted to bring you something fresh.

What are some of your favorite podcasts at the moment?






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